Award Winners

Every year, North Carolina honors individuals and programs for exemplary service to Child Passenger Safety. To see a list of Award Winners, click here.

Award Nominations

The BuckleUpNC Conference Committee accepts nominations in recognition of outstanding CPS contributions each year. Nominations are accepted in the following categories:

Note: The award for the Child Passenger Safety Instructor of the Year is chosen by the Child Passenger Safety Executive Committee.

Nominations are currently closed.

Award Criteria

CPS Saves:
This nomination is to recognize known/documented CPS saves. This information will be used to highlight and recognize any known life saved by the actions related to CPS programs and/or events. Documentation can include data from program related materials, letters and/or statements from individuals who were involved in the collision and/or save. All individuals nominated for this category will be recognized. "CPS Saves" nominations are accepted year-round.

Download the CPS Saves nomination form.

Child Passenger Safety Technician of the Year:
This individual must be a currently certified CPS Technician who shows extraordinary dedication to, and support of, Child Passenger Safety programs and activities. The Technician has made contributions to local and/or state level CPS program(s), by means of participation in and/or coordination of CPS events in NC. The nominee should exemplify the focus and mission of CPS programs in North Carolina and serve as an example to other Technicians in the state. Three winners will be chosen, one each representing the Eastern, Western, and Central Regions of the state.

Eligibility Note: Technicians are not eligible to win this award in consecutive years.

Child Passenger Safety Program of the Year (Permanent Checking Stations and Outreach Programs):
The BuckleUpNC Awards Committee will honor 2 Permanent Checking Stations and 1 Non-PCS Program/Event.

Permanent Checking Stations will be divided into 2 categories based on community size and a winner from each will be determined. The ideal nominee for Permanent Checking Station Program of the Year is a program that shows dedication to the community by offering exceptional child passenger safety education and installation assistance to the community. This program has a strong focus on education and does not just provide an "installation service."

The ideal nominee for Non-PCS Program/Event is a program that takes a creative approach to addressing the child passenger safety needs of their community. Examples of such a program could include a car seat education and enforcement initiative done at local elementary or middle schools, CPS diversion programs, or parent education classes, among other things.

Eligibility Note: Programs and events are not eligible to win this award in consecutive years.

Child Passenger Safety Advocate of the Year:
Currently certified CPS Technicians and Instructors are not eligible for this award. The ideal nominee for CPS Advocate of the Year is an individual who shows support for and dedication to the continuation of CPS activities at the local and/or state level. Participation in or help in coordination of CPS activities is very important. The nominee has shown dedication to bridging the gap between the public and the CPS community.

Eligibility Note: Individuals are not eligible to win this award in consecutive years.


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